Are you looking to start training in Krav Maga and learn real world self-defense? Below you will find our class times that will allow you to easily fit Krav Maga into your busy schedule. We offer Krav Maga classes Monday through Saturday and are one of the few officially licensed Krav Maga Worldwide Schools in the state.


  • All members must train in a Krav Maga branded shirt
  • Groupon Students are not required to wear Krav Maga Shirt
  • Krav Maga students are required to wear appropriate safety gear
  • Krav Maga Level 2 classes are reserved for students who have passed the Level 1 exam


K1 – Level 1 (Yellow Belt Curriculum)

K2- Level 2 (Orange Belt Curriculum)

K3- Level 3 (Green Belt Curriculum)

K4 – Level 4 (Blue Belt Curriculum)

Intro – Introduction to Krav Maga

Mitts – Focus mitt training

Fight – Sparring class / *Must be level 2 student

Weapons  - Weapon fighting and defense class

Gi – Jujitsu class