Krav Maga Level 1 – Beginners Krav Maga

This classes is designed for everyone that is new to Krav Maga. Whether you have trained in other styles such as Karate, Taekwondo, or Jiu-Jitsu this class will teach you everything you need to know to be able to learnt to protect yourself.  We will teach you the basics of Striking (Punches, Elbows, & Kicks), and also what to do if you ended up on the ground.

Suggested Equipment: Krav Maga Renton T-Shirt, Bottle of Water, Sweat Towel, Groin Protection, no Shoes.

Krav Maga Level 2 – Intermediate 1 Krav Maga

Designed to take a student from basic Krav Maga to intermediate level. Here you will learn high level striking & combinations, boxing fundamentals, jiu-jitsu (ground fighting) fundamentals, multiple attacker, and anti-abduction self-defense. You will also work on mastering Level 1 material.

Suggested Equipment: Same as Level 1 + Boxing Gloves & Shin Guards, Mouth Piece.

Krav Maga Level 3 – Intermediate 2 Krav Maga

Here the Krav Maga student will learn to defend against an attacker who may be trained or in a more advanced or dangerous situation.  We will introduce the beginning of gun defense and basic weapon strategies.

Suggested Equipment: Same as Level 2

Krav Maga Level 4 – Advanced-1 Krav Maga

Now our Krav Maga students will learn more advance techniques.  Introducing more jiu-jitsu (ground fighting) defenses and attacks such as arm bars, chokes, and take downs. This level is mixed more with Kickboxing and Wrestling/Jiu-jitsu.

Suggested Equipment: Same as Level 2.

Krav Maga Level 5 – Advanced-2 Krav Maga

This level is designed to start prepping the Krav Maga student for Black Belt prep.  Also, we will introduce more weapon defense such as knife, stick, gun, and assault rifle.

Suggested Equipment: Same as Level 2.

Kickboxing & Striking

Become an excellent striker with our Kickboxing and Striking class.  This isn’t your typical fitness kickboxing class.  We teach you how to strike properly, kick properly, develop perfect techniques, more power, and speed.  Did we mention it is also a Kick A$$ way to get in shape? Not a bad by-product.

Suggested Equipment: Boxing Gloves, Water Bottle, Sweat Towel.